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Ikenotaira Resort Pulls Controvertial “For Boys, Kamen Rider Build” CM

Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort is a family-friendly establishment located in Nagano. The resort recently released a commercial that stated that there theme rooms were only for a specific gender. In the commercial, the narrator states: “For girls, HUGtto! Pretty Cure” and “For boys, Kamen Rider Build.”

At Ikenotaira, there are themed hotel rooms that are designed after popular children’s shows, which includes Pretty Cure and Kamen Rider. There is currently a room for the on-going series HUGtto! Pretty Cure and Kamen Rider Build. These rooms change yearly to reflect the current on-going show.



On the day the CM aired, HUGtto! Pretty Cure also aired the episode “Wakuwaku! Akogare no Ranwei Debyu!??” about being gender-free with the primary focus on Wakamiya Henry, Kagayaki Homare’s childhood friend. Wakamiya is criticized for his interest in wearing clothing “for women,” and he retorts that he will wear what he wants. The episode also emphasizes that “Boys can be a princess.”

Netizens raised criticism over the resort’s commercial by stating that only girls could enjoy a Pretty Cure room, while boys must stay in Kamen Rider-themed rooms. While these commercials have aired for several years, it was after this episode that viewers grew upset.

On June 12, Ikenotaira responded on Twitter by saying “We have received your feedback about the inappropriate statements said in our tv commercials about our character rooms. We apologize deeply.” They have since deleted the tv commercial from their website and have stated they are taking the feedback seriously and consider it for future CMs.



Not everyone was happy by the response. SNS users were angry that Ikenotaira apologized with statements like “Was the CM that bad?” “I’m upset they apologized” with criticism that they are changing for worldwide pressure. Others didn’t understand the complaints or apology because the hotel does not ban any gender from staying in any hotel room.

Ikenotaira further explained why they responded. In the past, they have advertised the rooms saying one was for boys and the others for girls. Since HUGtto! Pretty Cure recently aired an episode about how even a boy could be a princess, they felt that they should refrain from issuing gender when speaking about each room.

The hotel did not get direct complaints from any companies, but took the feedback their received on SNS to heart. After examing the in-house advertising material, it has become policy to refrain from using certain expressions.

In the future, Ikenotaira plans to be more cautious about the CM narration that is used and make sure it fits the tv program’s content.

The CM has since been re-posted here:



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