Kamen Rider Build Driver Wins “Hit Sales Award” from Japan Toy Grand Prize 2018

The award ceremony for the Japan Toy Grand Prize 2018 will be held in Tokyo on the 5th. The prize is awarded to toys that were the most popular among consumers in 2017 and had high profits. In this competition, there were 46 winners among a total of 316 products.

The Kamen Rider Build DX Transformation Belt was selected for the “Hit Sales Award”, being the most popular toy, along with hitting the highest sales.



Transformation belts have won for three consecutive years. Last year, the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid transformation driver also won the Hit Sales Award. In 2016, the Kamen Rider Ghost DX Transformation Belt took home the top prize.

Japan Toy Grand Prize was founded in 2008 in order to promote the revitalization of the toy industry. This will mark the 11th award.

The COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION Kamen Rider OOO Driver complete set also won the award for “Outstanding Performance.”



Article Sources: Mainichi

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