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Kamen Rider Build and 3000 Extras Make History in Kitakyushu

The upcoming Kamen Rider Build film is scheduled to be released on August 4, 2018. Filming was held in Kitakyushu on May 12, 2018. This location was chosen in full cooperation with the Kitakyushu Film Commission.



From 7AM to 4:30PM, for nine and a half hours, around 300 meters of the road in front of Kitakyushu were completely blocked off for filming. Over 3000 extras assembled, making it the largest in history in the area.



The filming was for a scene that takes place at the beginning of the movie. It is an important scene that triggers the movie’s story.



During filming, the main hero, Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build, portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈) was wearing fashionable Summer clothing. Ryuga Banjou/Kamen Rider Cross-Z, portrayed by Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二) was seen wearing all black.

The extras all wore bright smiles even though the weather was hotter than normal.



Atsuhiro Inukai’s Comments:
“Hello everyone! How are you? Thank you very much for coming during the hot weather. When I looked at everyone’s faces in Kitakyushu, I realized that the Summer movie for Kamen Rider Build would be so fun, wonderful, and spectacular! Please take care of yourself it you get hot and do your best! We will do our best! Thank you!”



Eiji Akaso’s Comments:
“Hello! Thank you very much for appearing in this hot weather. It’s hot in Kitakyushu (laughs). I feel can still feel the excitement from each of you. I think viewers will also be able to feel the excitement through the screen, so I will work hard with my body and soul, so I don’t lose. I want to create a wonderful work with all of you!”


Article Sources: EigaLand, Mainichi


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