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Yuki Ogoe and Yu Takahashi of Kamen Rider Kiva Reunite For First Time in Ten Years

Yuki Ogoe (小越勇輝) and Yu Takahashi (高橋ユウ) appeared together in the series Kamen Rider Kiva. Ogoe portrayed Ramon, while Takahashi played the role of Yuri Aso/Kamen Rider Ixa.

Ogoe and Takahashi announced their first reunion for the first time in ten years on their personal Instagram accounts. Both appeared together on the variety show Hamachanga on May 9, 2018.



The Instagram caption from Ogoe stated surprise at his co-star, who he hasn’t seen in two years. But they had the opportunity to perform together again on Hamachanga.



Takahashi commented on Instagram that her co-star’s smile was sparkling. She was happy to perform with him again.



Article Sources: NicoNico


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