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Kamen Rider Black RX’s Tetsuo Kurata and Jiro Okamoto Reunite for Premium Bandai’s Revolcane

Everyone longed to be a hero, thanks to the Kamen Rider series. Not only boys, but girls cried because they want a transformation belt, along with men and women. Kamen Rider has become an extremely popular tokusatsu hero series.

In the Kamen Rider series, there are some that stand out. Kamen Rider Black ran from October 1987 to October 1988, while Kamen Rider Black RX aired from October 1988 to September 1989. Kotaro Minami has remained the only Kamen Rider to appear in the series for two consecutive years in a row.



In 2017, Kamen Rider Black celebrated its 30th Anniversary. This year, in 2018, Kamen Rider Black RX celebrates its 30th Anniversary. The Premium Bandai Website is now offering the Kamen Rider Black RX Revolcane for sale. This item was created with adult collectors in mind.



Kamen Rider Black RX’s suit actor Jiro Okamoto (岡元次郎) and Tetsuo Kurata (倉田てつ), who portrayed Kotaro Minami tried out the new Revolcane. Even after thirty years, it still brings back fond memories for the actors.

Please tell us more about the works that lasted over two consecutive years, Kamen Rider Black and RX



Kurata: At that time, anime was the mainstream and it was not the era of tokusatsu. Kamen Rider was revived for the first time in six years for Kamen Rider Black. We were told it would end in half a year if it didn’t get good viewer ratings.
Okamoto: When I started Black, I thought it was a story I would want to do for two or three years, if possible. As a result, it continued to be popular.
Kurata: In the later half, when we were filming Black, I was performing an audition for the lead for my next work. A decision was not yet made. I discussed it with (Shotaro) Ishinomori I was called by a teacher, and later told, “I can’t find another actor. There’s not a Kamen Rider that can replace you. Please perform for another year.
Okamoto: It would have had to be a new lead role and a new Kamen Rider.
Kurata: How did you feel when you heard that there would be a sequel to Kamen Rider Black?
Okamoto: It appealed to me as a newcomer to be a suit actor with Kamen Rider Black. It was another chance to learn more with RX.
Kurata: When it was just Kamen Rider Black, there was a poster on the Toei Movie Theater for a big audition. In the final audition, there were many famous actors and I didn’t really think I would be chosen. But shooting is really tough. When I decided to take on the role of Minami again, I thought, “I will do this again for a year…” But I also thought “I must give back to Ishinomori, who encouraged me to take on the lead role and continue on until the end. I wanted to give back to him” I also felt a brotherly love with Okamoto, and I felt like I wanted us to play heroes together again.

Compared to Kamen Rider Black, it seems that Kotaro Minami became a more confident character, right?

Kurata: That’s right. When consulting with the producer, he said I could “Do it freely”, so I wanted to do something new.
Okamoto: How Minami acted depended on Kurata. Even if Black becomes RX, I am still fighting.



From Black, when you were a newcomer to RX, where you were more experienced, did you have more liberties at the shooting site?

Okamoto: When it was just Black, I didn’t have that liberty. I was instructed at the shooting site. Repeated practice, shooting, practice, shooting. So did RX feel like there was more technical improvements than Black?
Kurata: Okamoto had to be serious for the action director, which was hard on him because he’s a cheerful person. Meanwhile, during RX, there were more regular families around, plus villains, so the site was busy. It got better and more comfortable on the site.



What kind of shooting difficulties did you have with Kamen Rider Black RX?

Okamoto: Every day was hard (laugh)
Kurata: The action scene at the factory was painful to do because of all the dust. The staff wore masks, but we couldn’t.
Okamoto: Well, that sounds right. Sometimes, I shot at the factory and so on. In the past, it was hard to film in those difficult environments, like factors and abandoned schools
Kurata: Okamoto said it was hard for Bioriders and Roboriders.
Okamoto: The transformation from RX to Biorider and Roborider was hard. I can’t move the camera, standing positions were marked, the camera man remembered the background point, then I had to change forms. Shooting couldn’t be confirmed on monitors like now.
Kurata: Okamoto’s movements were spectacular to see. It was really cool. There wasn’t a suit actor that could replace him.



Kamen Rider Black RX used the Revolcane. How did you fight so stylishly?

Okamoto: The final blow of the Revolcane is a special technique. The action doesn’t change that much, but that’s because of RX’s design.
Kurata: Oh, that’s right. I think RX was more rugged than Black.
Okamoto: RX has the feeling of wearing armor. I wasn’t good at wielding a sword, but I wasn’t weak. I was careful about posing. When you are poised and stabbing an opponent, I was always thinking about how to turn firmly.



Did Kurata have a Revolcane?

Kurata: Minami never held it unless he was transformed as RX. I got to hold it for a moment at the shooting site.
Okamoto: The props I used at the site were sensitive because they were using decorative fluorescent lights, so they didn’t let me touch it at the time.

Who were your Kamen Rider heroes?

Kurata: When I was a child, Hiroshi Fujioka (Kamen Rider), Hiroshi Miyauchi (Kamen Rider V3), and Hiroaki Murakami (Kamen Rider Skyrider). They were heroes who were adults chosen to fight for justice. Minami was 18, but he is different from the heroes I longed for. So, I tries to make a new hero that was friendly and loved people.
Okamoto: Kamen Rider Black RX told a difficult story, where the environment had an effect on the hero. He was aware of what he was doing, even if it was wrong, but he always had the power to believe.
When I appeared in Superhero Wars GP: Kamen Rider #3, I tried to leave a message that I would protect children’s dreams and keep fighting with the light of hope.” I am proud to be in such a position to fulfill that role. I’m proud of what Okamoto and I have created in Kamen Rider Black and RX.



Kurata portrayed Minami in Superhero Wars GP: Kamen Rider #3 and then in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Kurata: Minami last performed in Decade, but then when he appeared in Kamen Rider #3, I wanted him to give me a message as a Rider to make fans happy. The transformation brought up memories, but I was embarrassed because I was already older.
Okamoto: For me and fans, we still remember that Minami, even though it’s been 30 years.
It’s said that I became old too (laughs).

I think everyone thought that the way he talked was cool…

Kurata: Because I’m an actor, but heroes are different things.
Okamoto: My mind hasn’t changed. But I guess it’s okay if I change somewhat and go in a different direction. You can feel the difference.
Maybe neither me nor Okamoto don’t want to lose to young people. But the next day is tough (laughs). I thought I could move better than I used to. I also have to train my muscles for a good appearance.
We’re getting old with each other.



Your appearance as Kamen Rider can’t change.

Okamoto: You might be in trouble since there’s no time to (physically) change.
But young suit actors perform differently, don’t they? Just watching Okamoto makes fans cry. The fans know how great it is to be an actove suit actor over the age of 50. I want Okamoto to be a suit actor for a long time. If he became an action supervisior and shouts “Start!”…. I won’t want you to say that. “Action Director Jiro Okamoto”… I absolutely hate it! (laughs)



Now, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Kamen Rider Black RX, the Revolcane is being produced.

Okamoto: At that time, it was hard to create the illumination from the flourescent lamp, but it’s been reproduced nicely. I want you all to look forward to the reproduction.
It’s a worthy product for the 30th anniversary. I went back 30 years (laughs) to perform the voice of Minami. if you have never watched Kamen Rider Black RX, please take the opportunity to watch and get the Revolcane!

Check out the TAMASHII Lab Kamen Rider BLACK RX Revolcane “Pose Course” video:

Here’s the original announcement CM for the Black RC Revolcane:

The TAMASHII Lab Kamen Rider BLACK RX Revolcane is available for Pre-Order at the Premium Bandai website. It is 19440¥ (including tax) and is scheduled for release on November 2018.



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