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Kamen Rider Build Special Event Faust Night Held

Kamen Rider Build Special Event Faust Night was held at the Grand Prince Hotel on May 4, 2018.

Part One was a special show featuring Kamen Riders Build, Cross-Z, Grease, ROgue and others appeared on stage. The heroes and enemies contronted each other on-stage.



Part Two was a cast talk featuring the main cast of Kamen Rider Build. The hero, Sento Kiryu (portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈) appeared on stage with a shout of “The law of victory has been decided!” Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二), as Ryuga Banjou, stated “I am the living dragon.” Kaho Takada (高田夏帆) as Misora Isurugi said “Everyone’s idol, Mii-tan!”

The audience shouted in excitement. Kouhei Takeda (武田航平) as Kazumi Sawatari stated “My heart is burning.” Kensei Mikami (水上剣星) as Gentoku Himuro and Yukari Taki (滝裕可里) as Sawa Takigawa also joined the fighters on the stage.



While the main cast appered in excitement, Yasuyuki Maekawa (前川泰之) as Soichi Isurugi dramatically appeared on stage, stating “If you don’t enjoy this event, I’ll change my face.”



During the cast talk, the performers discussed their roles. Maekawa surprised the cast by saying “In the scene in the cafe, where everyone is having a good time, I tried to be conscious of how to act like a family. The worst I become, the more the hero’s love affects me.”



In the second half of the cast talk, everyone talked about their favorite scenes. Maekawa enjoyed the parent-child scenes with Misora. Inukai’s favorite scene was during the first episode, where he appeared with Akaso for the first time.

During the final scene, the actors all showed off their live transformations. When Maekawa transformed, a loud scream was heard from a female fan in the audience. Inukai closed off the event by stating “We will pour as much love into Kamen Rider Build as we can, and do our best in the second half.”



A DVD of the event will be released on September 12, 2018 for 7,344¥.



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