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『Tojima Tanzaburo Wants to Be a Kamen Rider』 Manga Details Announced

Tojima Tanzaburo Wants to Be a Kamen Rider 『東島丹三郎は仮面ライダーになりたい』will be featured on the cover of the upcoming June 2018 issue of Monthly Heroes. The official logo was also revealed.



The official manga page with a summary was also released on the “Monthly Heroes” website.



Story Summary:
Tojima Tanzaburo, who has wanted to be a Kamen Rider since he was a child, has kept chasing his dream, even though he is now 40-years-old.

One day, there’s news that “Shocker appears!”

It was a convience store robbery case. The criminal wore a Shocker mask and looked like the Kamen Rider enemy. Even though it was an attempt by the press to be funny, the flames of justice began to roar in Tojima Tanzaburo’s heart.

He decides to wear the costume of a Kamen Rider and solve the case of the fake Shocker.



The manga is written and drawn by Yokusaru Shibata of such series like Air Master, Kaiten One, and Melo Neko. The work is created in cooperation with Toei.



Inside of the issue will also be a center color illustration of the ongoing Kamen Rider Kuuga manga.



Official Website: Tojima Tanzaburo Wants to Be a Kamen Rider
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