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Which Kamen Rider Gimmicks Could Impress a Toddler the Most?

Akira Shinomiya, who has previously appeared in a cameo role on Kamen Rider Den-O and Decade, wrote a light-hearted post about gimmicks in the Kamen Rider series. This article is written from his perspective.

Kamen Rider Build’s gimmicks are Full Bottles. There have been a variety of these bottles released so far, from rabbits, tanks, dragons, and more. These bottles are used in a belt. The second half of the Heisei Kamen Rider shows have used multiple belts and items over time.

In the first Heisei shows, there were cards to collect in Ryuki, Blade, Den-O, Decade, while Kiva used Fuestles, and W used Gaia Memories.

In town, I’ll often see kindergarten and elementary school children carrying around these items from the current Kamen Rider series.

Of course, the main usage of these toys are to be used with the Kamen Rider belt, but I am using them for a different purpose.

It’s been very helpful with my baby.

My daughter is over 1 year old now. When I give her a Full Bottle as a distraction while changing diapers, she becomes quiet. I think she enjoys the sound of the bottle shaking, and it has a good light weight to it.

However, is the Full Bottle the best item for a baby? I was curious, so I showed her different items, one by one, from Heisei Period 2.



First, I gave her a Gaia Memory from Kamen Rider W. She stopped crying and liked it more than the Full Bottle. She liked the colors and sounds. Gaia Memory Luna was ringing non-stop.

Next, I have her a Kamen Rider OOO Coin. She started crying because she didn’t know what to do with it. She couldn’t use the Scanner yet. The coin didn’t seem suitable.



I have her an Astro Switch from Kamen Rider Fourze. She pressed the button once, but immediately wanted back the Full Bottle.

Next were the rings from Kamen Rider Wizard. She wanted to treat them as pacifiers. I suddenly thought about how unsanitary it was. If she got a cold, how could I disinfect it?

Gaim’s Lockseeds confused her and she didn’t touch it much.

She didn’t take an interest in the Kamen Rider Drive Shift Car because she thought it was one of her brother’s toys.

When she saw Kamen Rider Ghost’s eyecon, she thought it was too scary and didn’t touch it.



Finally, I showed her a Gashat from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. No matter how much she cried, she will instantly stop once a Gashat is activated. The sounds and light instantly grabs her attention.

She likes the Gaia Memory, but the Gashat is her favorite.

Note: Shinomiya supervised this “experiment” and did not leave his toddler with the toys unsupervised.



Article Sources: Cinema by Shochiku


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