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Hiroshi Fujioka Involved in Minor Traffic Accident

Hiroshi Fujioka (藤岡弘), who portrayed Takeshi Hongo the first Kamen Rider, was involved in a minor traffic accident on April 18, 2018.

The accident took place in an intersection in Tokyo. He was driving a car and truck a taxi. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the car struck the taxi. There were no passengers in the taxi at the time, and the driver (a man in his 20s) reported a slight neck injury. Fujioka suffered no injuries.

At the site, there is no traffic light. However, there was a stop sign on the side road where Fujioka was driving.

Fujioka stated to the police, “I paused and proceeded slowly, but we collided.”

After the news was released, some netizens misinterpreted the news. Many believed that Fujioka himself collided with the taxi. Some stated they believed that Fujioka was so powerful that he was uninjured, while the taxi driver and his vehicle were hurt instead.

Many others commented that though Fujioka was once a Kamen Rider, “A Rider cannot win against aging” and rose the issue about the elderly returning their drivers licenses after a certain age.



Article Sources: Nikkan Sports, Sirabee


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