Akiba Showroom Opens with Kamen Rider Exhibit and New Membership Program

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, Tamashii Nations revealed the Akiba Showroom. In this area there will be special exhibitions featuring various brands.

The first exhibition featured SIC Kamen Rider figures from Gaim, OOO, and Wizard. These items were only available in limited quantities. Purchased were limited to one item per person.



A new membership service “Club Tamashii Members” was also revealed on Friday, March 9, 2018. When buyers make a purchase, they will earn “soul miles”. One mile equals 100¥ (including tax). Visiting the Akiba Showroom will also earn buyers 1 mile (maximum 10 miles per month).



Registration is required, as members have to present their card at the register. There are six different kinds of cards. Buyers who don’t make a purchase will receive the basic card, while those who purchase 50,000¥ and earn 10,000 miles will receive the Aurora card, which gets special services at stage events. Registration can be completed on their new Club Tamashii Members website.



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