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Yoshiko Sengen (Formerly Fumika Shimizu) Appears in New NicoNico Show

Actress Yoshiko Sengen, formerly known as Fumika Shimizu under her new management, appeared on the NicoNico show Yoshiko Sengen, I’m Learning Now on February 20, 2018. It was a 90 minute show with a light talk show. The first half was available for free for users.

In the program, Sengen discussed that her current hobby is playing guitar and this year she declared to put more effort in musical activities. “I like music the most and I don’t want to work,” she said about her current hobby. She will also be performing the theme song “Beyond the Sleepless Night” for her upcoming film Saraba Seishun, Saredo Seishun, and will be released in early Summer 2018. In this film, she will be playing a woman who learns “What does it mean to love another person?”

Sengen has been energetic and active and has been working on crafting music for the popular children’s picture book series Pandalanda. The DVD with her song “Pandalanda” is already available, but she does not make a physical appearance on the show.


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Sengen previously appeared on Kamen Rider Fourze under her previous name, Fumika Shizumu, as Yuki Jojima, a energetic high school girl with aspirations to become an astronaut.

The next broadcast of Yoshiko Sengen, I’m Learning Now is scheduled for March.



Article Sources: The Liberty


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