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Kouhei Takeda Returns to the Series as Kamen Rider Grease

Kouhei Takeda previously portrayed Otoya Kurenai/Kamen Rider Ixa in Kamen Rider Kiva from 2008-2009. It was announced that he would be returning to the Kamen Rider series for the first time in 10 years. He will portray Kamen Rider Grease in Episode 17th of Kamen Rider Build on January 7, 2018.

Kamen Rider Grease, unlike Build or Claws who are from the Eastern Capital Touto, is from the Northern Capital of Hokuto. He will appear in front of the two heroes and become “the strongest enemy” to overwhelm them with his power.

When asked about the role, Takeda said:
“You’re the eternal hero of everyone when you’re a Kamen Rider. When I got the offer, I was very honored with all my heart.At the same time, I was surprised that ten years had already passed since Kiva. When entering the filming site, I felt that I had come back. I was relieved because there were a lot of staff members that I was already acquantances with. I feel like I came back to my parents’ home.

I felt the seriousness behind Saruwatari Kazumi, who I will portray. Many don’t speak and don’t show their true intensions, but in spite of their appearance, they love their hometown, their family, and friends. I think they’re loved by men, too. I see the how he bars his emotion after his transformation, but I think he roars because he knows he has a lot to carry and can’t just runaway. In a nutshell, it’s different from the “One genuis in 1000″ role I played ten years ago (laughs).”

I didn’t forget to include elements that all Riders have and I don’t think it looks like Ryuki’s. The transformation pose is serious. I often practice at home (laughs). It’s an exceptional experience to be able to transform again at all.

The design of Grease is too cool! A clear black mask on a robotic base, glowing red eyes, and a gold color. There’s an uplifting feeling to wear gold, which is often used in the final Rider forms. Pay attention to the quick actions of Grease.

Inukai and Akaso are “Junior Riders”, but there’s not much a Senior can say “(laughs). If I could say one thing, it would be “I love you two at the same time”… like that? I heard something like that somewhere (laughs).”

Article Sources: Mainichi, IT Media

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