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Hiro Mizushima: Daughter Walks the Path of the Heavens

Hiro Mizushima, who portrayed Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto, recently posted a photo on Instagram of his daughter on November 25th. Fans immediately reacted with joy.

While Mizushima was holding her left hand, his daughter is pointing up to the shy with her right hand. The pose is symbolic of Mizushima’s pose in Kamen Rider Kabuto, along with iconic quote ““I am a man who walks the path of the heavens to rule over everything, Souji Tendou.”

Fans commented that that she was truly “Tendou’s daughter”. Many felt nostalgic seeing Mizushima’s photo.

Mizushima also posted about the event on his Official Website’s blog:
“Crying and waking up since childhood

When I was a child, I had a dream my mother went far away
I desperately called out to her not to go
I couldn’t catch up with her
Far away
The back of my mother got smaller, like a bean grain
I woke up at that moment, just as she disappoeared
My face was covered in tears
My heart was racing
But my head was calmly trying to grasp the situation

Something like that

This time my daughter
This dream
A daughter who was walking with his hand

It’s suddenly gone

I dropped my smartphone from my pocket
For just a moment
When I picked up my hand in hers and looked up
I found my daughter, who was still supposed to be there..”

Article Sources: Hiro Mizushima Official Instagram, Official Website

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