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Kaho Takada Discusses Her New Role as a Kamen Rider Heroine

Kaho Takada portrays Misora Isurugi in TV Asahi’s Kamen Rider Build. Before her Kamen Rider Build role, she was living as an actress. She is also active and previously won the 31st All-Japan Ninja Championship Tournament and completed the Yokohama Marathon. She made her acting debut in NHK’s R no Hosoku series.

Takeda most recently debut her dirst gravure photoshoot in issue 47 of Weekly Playboy. NicoNico interviewed Takeda about her new modeling work and role as heroine on Kamen Rider Build.

Since this was the first gravure you’ve done, were you nervous?

Takeda I was. But, I took the photos in a studio near the sea. The moment I saw the ocean, my tension blew away. It was fun!

So, full of smiles and energy.

Takeda I didn’t know anything about posing, but I was able to stretch out and be natural. I was concerned about the part in my bangs and how my face would look.

That’s right! It’s on the left, but on the last page, it was parted to the right. So which way is it?

Takeda I think it hasn’t changed (laugh)

Is there a cut you especially like?

Takeda I like all of them. Well, I guess I can’t choose.

I think it’s cute, like black tank top cuts

Takeda It’s said I’m boyish (laugh). I feel like they’re my favorite type, though.

You’re playing the role of the heroine, Misora Isurugi, after passing the audition, right?

Takeda Yes, but I’ve never watched Kamen Rider before. Maybe I should have prepared. When I arrived at the audition venue, there were many Junior and High School students. I feel like I had to say “Auntie is here, I’m sorry.”

What did you do when you passed?

Takeda I was surprised that I got the role. But, I’m not a heroine. Immediately, I thought “Anxious!” but also “Thrilled!” “Fun!” Like that. I haven’t been acting as long compared to others, but I’ll try my best! I pressured myself in a good way.

Pressure? The heroine of Kamen Rider is often a debut role, like Rio Uchica (of Kamen Rider Drive), right?

Takeda Of course! In my heart, I’m a newcomer (laugh)

On your Instagram, you often take photos with your co-stars, but are you on good terms with each other?

Takeda It’s nice. It seems rare that we’ve worked well together as a team from the start. We’re an “adult team”, and everyone is in their 20s, so they go out for drinks at the end of filming. I feel like I have extra responsibility as the heroine and everyone has high expectations for me.

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Misora is a pretty interesting character. She withdraws and is rebellious… But she’s also a net idol and has a cute character on-screen, that she uses to gather information from viewers.

Takeda It’s interesting to portray her. She goes from “Sleepy” to “Tired” or “I won’t do it.” It’s my first role being so withdrawn, but I was thankful it became a habit on the show. It’s easy to do and I can ad lib.

Do you think you resemble Misora?

Takeda I’m somewhat rebellious, but since I graduated… I wanted to make a character idol like Misora on Instagram. because I want to be seen as cute (laugh). But what is cute to a mother and sister?

Misora is always in pajamas, but what do you wear at home?

Takeda I usually wear a school jersey. But recently, I bought cute pajamas because I was influenced by Misora (laughs).

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