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Masaki Suda Discusses Plastic Surgery Rumors and Shows Off Skills on Variety Show

Masaki Suda, who portrayed Phillip in Kamen Rider W, appeared with Kenta Kiritani on the variety show Shabekuri 007 on October 30, 2017. He discussed his worried over a rumor spreading online that he had plastic surgery on his nose. He complained “I didn’t have it done!” But on the program, a cosmetic surgeon appeared to verify it.

Netizens have claimed Suda has recently had plastic surgery. But he claimed that he was a young when he debuted, so it’s only natural his face has changed since his teen years. Comedian Teppei Arita, who is a host on the show, further asked if Suda shaped it and tested Suda’s nose for himself. Suda proceeded to proclaim loudly the rumor was false.

Suda and Kiritani discussed their future projects, then participated in a game with the hosts.

This game turned out to be a rematch against Suda and Arita, as they competed in a “Bra Hook Showdown”, which Suda previously lost. This time, Suda suddenly became seriously as he raced to unhook bras as a high speed.

Article Sources: Oricon

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