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Satoshi Matsuda Announces Birth of First Son

Satoshi Matsuda, who portrayed Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight on Kamen Rider Ryuki, announced on his blog the birth of his first son. He got married in October 2015.

From his Ameblo blog:

“I became a father

For me, who was born in raised in a family where “I didn’t have a father on my 1st birthday” it was a distant feeling to “become a father”, but it’s thanks to Mr. Stork (Or not?) I want to face this important thing to me, which is still so small in this life.

“To cherish your family” is the theme I keep thinking of in the future. Well, even if I can see my family often, there is something lonesome as an actor. I want to keep them firmly in my heart and walk forward into the future. I hope that everyone that reads this blog will continue to receive guidance and encouragement from now on. Please watch over us.”

“In the future, thank you. And as always, thank you very much.”

Note: Daisuki Toku is aware that Matsuda has publicly posted an image of his baby on his blog. We will not repost the image on our website to respect the couple’s privacy.

Article Sources: Ameblo

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