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Children Can Become Kamen Rider Build in Bandai Namco’s Narerunda! Arcade Game

Narerunda! is an arcade game developed by Bandai Namco. These are arcade games made with children in mind, and the machines are not tall enough for most adults. Recently, they announced a new cabinet would be built for Kamen Rider Build.

Children can choose different Riders:

    • Kamen Rider Build
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Ex-Aid, Brave, Snipe, or Gemn
    • Kamen Rider Ghost Ghost or Specter
    • Kamen Rider Drive – Drive, Mach, or Chaser

In Narerunda!, players can transform into a Kamen Rider. They can use different attacks specific to the Rider’s machine to defeat all enemies.

At the end of the game, the child can have their face printed on the Rider’s body.


Official Website: Narerunda!

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