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Hiro Mizushima’s Daughter Cares for Her Kamen Rider Kabuto Figure

Actor Hiro Mizushima, who portrayed Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto, married Ayaka in 2009. They had a daughter together in June 2015, and he often updates his blog with images of his daughter.

Mizushima last updated his official blog on September 19th with a story about his daughter. He added photos of an action figure of the hero he portrayed, Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Excerpts from the blog entry:
“My daughter points to this and says father.”

“I’ve never showed her Kabuto’s images
I’ve never told you it was dad.
This figure wasn’t originally in the house.
I had a birthday party recently, and I gave it to my daughter in return for the present she gave me.”

“It was posed on the floor (face down)
And she would say to everyone
‘Dad would not lay that way!’ and ‘If you do that, it will hurt my dad!’
No, it’s not me.
But, it was done in Kabuto.”

Article Sources: Hiro Mizushima Official Blog

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