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Kamen Rider Build Episode 4 “The Testimony Will Be Zero” Details Released

This article contains spoilers for an ongoing show, Kamen Rider Build.

Details for the fourth episode of Kamen Rider Build was released on Toei’s website.

Episode Four: “The Testimony Will Be Zero”

After the battle, Kiryu was poisoned by someone who had a cobra insignia on his chest, which brought about nightmares of human experimentation. In that memory, he remembered one side of Pandora’s Box within the experiment site. Kiryu knows that the Pandora’s Box will lead to the enemies. When he recovers, he asks Misora to find more information on the wall, senseing it will lead to Faust.

Meanwhile, Ryuga will arrives in Saito to learn more about Nabeshima’s family to find clues to resolve his false charges. While he was trying to protect Nabeshima’s wife and child, Faust appeared before them.

Screenwriter: Shogo Muto
Director: Kazuya Kamihoriuchi

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What is the tragedy behind the wall?

The story of Kamen Rider Build began ten years ago. The wall split Japan into three section from the power of Pandora’s Box. This border is important in Kamen Rider Build. The Prime Ministers of the three capitals tried to move closer, while at the same time, making sure to watch each other’s actions.

Do you remember what Himuro was saying? “The person who took on the light of Pandora’s Box began to have a hostile temperament.” Mido, who is Prime Minister of Saito, had been part of the tragedies at the wall. Next episode, some information about the wall will be revealed. What happened at the moment the wall was born? What is the mystery behind the name of Pandora’s Box?

Cast Information:

In episode three, all of the Prime Ministers met together for the first time on-screen. Today, we’ll introduce them:

Prime Minister of Toto: Himuro Taizan
Portrayed by Meikyo Yamada
A virtuous man who helped bring all three Prime Ministers together to speak peacefully about the crisis at home and abroad.

Prime Minister of Hokuto: Taijimi Yoshiko
Portrayed by Ryoko Gi
She focuses on supporting children, agricultural policy, and welfare policy but is also steadily expanding her armaments under the new policies. Ryoko Gi, her actress, may also be familar after her role in Kamen Rider W.

Prime Minister of Saito: Mido Masakuni
Portrayed by Norimasa Fuke
An exporter of weapons. In the next episode, we’ll learn more about the state of Saito.

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Check out some photos from the production of “The Testimony Will Be Zero”:

“The Testimony Will Be Zero” will debut on TV Asahi on September 24, 2017 at 8AM in Japan.

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