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Familes Enjoy Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Summer Festival VR Experience

From Saturday, July 15 to Sunday, August 27, 2017, TV Asahi held their Summer Festival SUMMER STATION in Roppongi.

Most of the VR experiences were not experienced by children under the age of 13. Since the event takes place during Summer Vacation, it is still an event that families could enjoy together.

An interactive experience was displayed for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending. Children were able to fight the Bugsters and support Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Players were able to experience the game world in reality.

Up to four people were on one team and were instructed on how to fight by Ex-Aid’s protagonist Emu Hojo (portrayed by Hiroki Iijima).

Players release two kinds of energy bullets from sticking out their arms forward. It deals the enemy attack damage. Electric shocks also run on the ground by swinging their arms up and down.

When you start, the door opens, and a Bugster appears. Crouching down would evade a Bugster’s attack. If you knock it down, a large Gashat would appear. The enemies would become stronger, and the four teammates would have to work together to combine their powers and defeat the Bugster.

Music from the game were the same as in the show.

When the developer was asked about the game, he said that he wanted even small children to enjoy it. A head mount monocular-only display was made for consumers to enjoy from age four to older.

Mogura VR also provided a video on Instagram:

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