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Fanta Advertising Director Inauguration Ceremony Held for Masaki Suda

On Saturday, July 1, 2017 at the Japanese Coca-Cola Headquarters in Tokyo, a special ceremony was held for actor Masaki Suda (formerly Philip of Kamen Rider W ). The special event established the “Fanta Advertising Division” as part of a new Fanta campaign involving teens and young adults.

When Suda appeared on stage, he was met with cheers and applause from the audience. He commented about his outfit and stated, “I wore a jacket today as the Director. It’s clothing I shine in while I hold a Fanta Grape in my hand.

The announcement was made that Suda would become Fanta’s Advertising Director. He received a giant business card which stated his new position. He said “I am very honored to receive business cards and distribute them. I was told it was okay, so I want to distribute it to these great people.” After hearing Suda has never had a business card before, he commented, “Having a business card for the first time in my hand… I feel like an adult.”

When asked again about his management enthusiasm as Director, he said “I will do it, not only for me, but it will be delicious for everyone!”

After the ceremony, everyone in attendance had a toast with Suda. He said loudly, “Everyone, let’s be delicious!”. While toasting, everyone shouted “Fanta!”

Check out Masaki’s newest Fanta CM here:

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Article Sources: All Night Nippon

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