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Live Action My Little Monster Film Stars Masaki Suda and Tao Tsuchiya

Masaki Suda (Philip of Kamen Rider W ) and Tao Tsuchiya (Princess Emerana Luludo Esmeralda of Ultraman Zero The Movie ) have been cast as the leading roles in the live action movie My Little Monster.

My Little Monster is a romantic comedy by Robico. Tao Tsuchiya takes on the role of Shizuki Mizutani, a girl who studies hard in order to make a 10 million yen income in the future. Masaki Suda will take the role of Haru Yoshida, a carefree, yet, intelligent teen known for being a troublemaker. Both are friendless, but after meeting, learn to develop their social relationships and make friends.

My Little Monster will begin filming from late May to early July. The release date is set for 2018.

Article Sources: Natalie

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