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Mio Kudo Debuts as Mezamashi TV’s Imadoki Girl

Mio Kudo recently made her debut as the new Imadoki Girl for the information program Mezamashi TV on Fuji TV. She has become very popular with viewers.

The Imadoki Girl is in charge of the Imadoki Corner which introduces trending information. Talents such as Marie Iitoyo, Yurano Ochi, and Nina Hasegawa were previous Imadoki Girls. The role is said to be a “gateway to being a star”.

Kudo made her debut on April 5, 2017. She introduced Imadoki’s “Lunch Goodies” in Shibuya. She used different items to create a bento lunch and showed off her apron.

Mio Kudo was previously Kanon Fukami on Kamen Rider Ghost. She was the sister to Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter and played an important role in the story.

Kudo wrote on her Twitter account “I am very excited. Please watch, everyone.”

Article Sources: NicoNico, Twitter

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