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Masahiro Inoue and Jaimie Natsuki Announce Birth of Son

Actor Masahiro Inoue (28), known for his role as Tsukasa Kadoya in TV Asahi’s Kamen Rider Decade, updated his Ameblo blog on April 17, 2017. He revealed that his first child, a son, was born with his wife and actress Jaimie Natsuki (24).

Inoue said, “I witnessed the moment when a new life is born. He’s a very healthy boy. I want to build a warm family without neglecting our happiness.”

According to officials, the baby weighs 3,384 grams. Natsuki also reported on her Instagram “Good progress after childbirth. Both mother and child are healthy.”

Mr. and Mrs. Inoue first started dating in 2016 and married later that year.

Note: Daisuki Toku is aware that Natsuki has publicly posted an image of her baby on her Instagram account. We will not repost the image on our website to respect the couple’s privacy.

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