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Animate Interviews Stars of Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2

Kamen Rider Amazons created a different world than the currently airing Kamen Rider series. Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 will begin exclusive distribution on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, April 7, 2017.

Season 2 is set 5 years after Season 1. It stars two characters, Chihiro/Kamen Rider Amazon Neo (You Maejima, Junon Superboy Anothers member) and Iyu/Crow Amazon (Ayana Shiramoto). This will be You Maejima’s first role, while Ayana Shiramoto and the previous cast are already well-known.

Animate interviewed You Maejima, Ayana Shiramoto, and Tom Fujita (Haruka Mizusawa/Kamen Rider Amazon Omega) about their roles in Amazons Season 2.

First of all, tell us about your roles in Season 2.

Maejima: The protagonist Chihiro turns into Kamen Rider Amazon Neo. He is raised by Amazon for a certain reason, and holds darkness within his heart. It seems he is a very dismal character until he meets Iyu. From there, he gradually changes. There’s much more but I cannot say yet (laughs)

Shiramoto: Iyu is who I play, and she was once eaten by her father. From there, I am reborn as a new Amazon (Crow Amazon). But I have no feelings, no pain, no impatience, no tiredness… like a child. But I think it was very sad that I was killed by my father. At first, it’s a mystery, but pay attention to how she changes.

And Fujita-san, you previously appeared as Haruka Mizusawa in Season 1, but what kind of role are you playing this time?

Fujita: Five years have passed since the previous story. But now, there’s a very different atmosphere. When I decided to protect at the end of Season 1, I am still protecting it now.

So you must still protect your position?

Fujita: I expected it would change from Season 1. I was certain that there would be a stance of going your own way, while thinking of your youth. It’s a different place from earlier and proof of growth over the last five years.

How does it relate to the Chihiro and Haruka?

Fujita: It becomes a story within a story. Not a simple enemy or an ally, but it becomes complicated with two dark pasts. Well, that’s why it’s enjoyable to watch!

We are asking just in case, but you will transform into Kamen Rider Amazon Omega in Season 2, right?

Fujita: Of course! The suit actor will continue to be Yugo Fuji.

Will there be a new form this time?

Fujita: What I can say is that Omega is still an Amazon from five years ago. Is it possible to win in his current Amazon form? As you can see, Neo has a new belt. Even though I cried out “Amazon!” in Season 1, the transformation will change, since five years have passed. Please look forward to it.

How did Maejima and Shiramoto feel when chosen for this role?

Maejima: It was an unbelievable feeling when I was chosen as the leading role. I belong to the group Junon Superboy Anothers, and a few members came to the audition. Everyone around me was an experienced actor. I don’t have any experience and I felt completely out of place. I thought my possibility of passing was “no good”. I was fortunate enough to remain to the next stage, about a week from the last audition.

I didn’t think I would pass, so I went to my part-time job. When I checked my cell phone during my break, I saw several calls from the Junon editorial department. I thought I did something to make them all angry. When I was told I got the role, I thought it was the role of a phantom (laughs), but I was really surprised when I was told “You got the leading role of Kamen Rider”.

What happened after that?

Maejima: To be honest, I couldn’t concentrate after that. I was too happy.

What about Shiramoto-san?

Shiramoto: I remember the script well because it expressed various acts, such as “Iyu seems like a lady, childish, or like a sexy, older sister.” At that stage, I could not guess what kind of performance that was being requested of me. I always knew this would not be an ordinary role. I was trying to play a mysterious and strong role. I absolutely wanted to play this role. But, there was silence for awhile, and I was pretty depressed (laughs). That’s why I felt so happy when I passed the “heroine role” audition. However, because of the content, I didn’t know what kind of role this was. When I got the script, it was completely different from the heroine role I imagined.

By the way, you watched Season 1, right?

Shiramoto: Of course.
Maejima: I was already a member of Amazon Prime, and I thought it was so cool.
Fujita: I haven’t watched it!
Shiramoto: I was just a normal fan, but I shot a photo of Omega.
Maejima: At that time, I was just part of the general audience.

So if you liked Kamen Rider, how did you feel when transforming into Amazon Neo?

Maejima: It feels good.
Fujita: The video is so flashy, but it’s pretty plain when filming.

Certainly there is no transformation pose like this current Heisei Kamen Rider wave.

Shiramoto: When I transform, I say “Amazon!” but I didn’t have a grasp on how to say it at the beginning. After that, I tried to transform with minimum actions.
Maejima: To be honest, I consulted with the suit actor. I tried a pose like his.
Fujita: What happened?
Maejima: I kept posing and the manager told me to stop. I thought it was cool.

How’s the action?

Shiramoto: There was wire action, so this was challenging. I started training from the beginning. I had some training thanks to track club activities.
Maejima: I was also on track club. At first, it is not so flashy but action increases as the story progresses.

The screenwriter commented that Season 2 is “a story of a boy and a girl”

Maejima: I think the first episode will touch on “a man who did not feel the desire to eat for the first time”. I felt really nervous.

How did Shiramoto-san feel? Did she remain expressionless?

Shiramoto: I heard something like “What are you think when Iyu is expressionless?” In my case, I’m thinking “I’m hungry” (laugh)

What did Fujita-san think of these relationships?

Fujita: In season one, there were brother and sister relationships, and Amazons trying to live among humans.

So in the end, thank you for the highlights of Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2.

Maejima: I will be happy if you can see this pure love. But there will also be a place where you can feel cheerful.
Shiramoto: Iyu is emotionless at first, but you will see her grow. You will want to see her change. How you see her will change, depending on the viewer. But you will enjoy it as you follow the story.
Fujita: This is a different story from Season one. As the story developes, the relationships in the previous story will become clear.

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