特撮 (とくさつ): special effects; SFX

特撮が大好きです。(I love tokusatsu.)

Daisuki Toku, or Daisuki Tokusatsu, is a Japanese entertainment and tokusatsu news website. This includes Japanese dramas, interviews product news, indie projects, and related content with a particular focus on Kamen Rider.  We strongly believe in bringing content to all tokusatsu fans.

What Daisuki Toku does not concentrate on is the newest toys or merchandise, rumors, or magazine scans. Daisuki Toku focuses on translating news directly from Japanese sources and includes all source links on the page the article content originated. (Please see our Disclaimer regarding translation information).

We are not affiliated with any other tokusatsu website and we do not use their content. Daisuki Toku is not affiliated with Toei.

Daisuki Toku officially launched on February 14, 2017.

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Lisa is a designer, indie comic creater, and video game writer living in the USA. Lisa originally grew up watching Super Sentai shows but discovered Kamen Rider in July 2014. Lisa is an English native, grew up in a Vietnamese language household, and started self-learning Japanese and Russian in September 2015. She uses this site as translation practice.

Lisa’s favorite series is Kamen Rider OOO.

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