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Tokusatsu Indie Film Strega Seeking English Voice Actors


Strega is an independent tokusatsu film from Garage Hero Productions. The film was originally produced in Japanese, with English subtitles, but is now working on an English dub.

Garage Hero Productions is seeking voice actors worldwide for an English dub of the film. There are a variety of roles available. The casting period is ongoing.

Please note that Strega contains violence and sexual content.

Synopsis from the casting notice:

Strega is the story of a jaded, foul-mouthed ruffian named Soma Kusanagi, who lives in a world where superhero activity is accepted as an everyday job, for better or worse. Under contract with tech conglomerate Vector, Soma becomes the superhero, Strega, to do what he does best: destroy monsters and get paid to fuel his deviant vices. A recent string of events has seen civilians randomly transforming into monsters and causing havoc in metropolitan Japan. Can Soma and fellow tester Sayuri Matsuoka (user of the Virsago armor) find the culprit(s) before it’s too late?

This is an unpaid opportunity, but participants will receive a digital version of Strega after completion.

Please direct all questions to the Casting Director Joel Diaz.

For more information, please check out the casting announcement.

Strega trailer (Click CC for subtitles):

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