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Kamen Rider

Monkey Majik to Perform Kamen Rider Zero-One Sounds


In every Kamen Rider work, the transformation belt wields a variety of unique sounds and phrases.

It was announced that Canadian brothers Maynard and Blaze Plant of the band Monkey Majik would perform the Kamen Rider Zero-One transformation belt sounds.

Monkey Majik has experience in popular media. Their music is well-known internationally, which also fits Kamen Rider, a series popular with fans all over the world.

In addition, there is more than one transformation belt in Kamen Rider Zero-One. Different sounds were crafted for each one using a combination of English and Japanese.

When listening to the transformation sounds in Kamen Rider Zero-One, viewers will hear a hybrid voice of two people with different characteristics, Japanese and English, and human and android voices.

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