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Kamen Rider

Oita City Art Museum Holds Kamen Rider Exhibition


A special Kamen Rider Exhibition is being held in Oita City. It’s an exhibition where adults and children can enjoy these heroes that have been loved over time.

The exhibition divides Showa and Heisei content into different areas. Visitors can view a large statue of Kamen Rider, monsters, and the Rider Machine motorcycle. There are also original drawings by the creator Shotaro Ishinomori on display.

At the opening ceremony, the museum’s director commented that “Many Riders have been born over nearly 50 years. This is an exhibition that can be enjoyed by generations.”

A few special events are also planned. On July 21st, Kamen Rider No. 1 will appear for a handshake greeting, while September 8th will host Kamen Rider ZI-O.

The general attendance fee is 1200円, 900円 for high school and university students, and free for Junior High students and younger.

The exhibition began on July 17th and will end until September 16th.

Article Sources Oita Press

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