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Kamen Rider Super Sentai

Twitter Tokusatsu Community Comes Together Against Call to Bully Female Fans


On July 3, 2019, a Japanese Twitter user made an alarming post. He stated that if a girl watches Super Sentai or Kamen Rider, then boys should bully her until she feels like a fool.

The user believed that there is content made only for boys or girls. If a girl was able to withstand the boys’ bullying, then she is “qualified” to be a fan and is allowed to “borrow” tokusatsu with the understanding that it’s “only for boys.”

Though many disagreed, there were some users who agreed with him, as they believed that tokusatsu was considered “for boys.” Other users pressed further, asking the user if he believed that only adults could watch Kamen Rider and Super Sentai since it is usually targetted to children.

Other female Twitter users recalled times they were children or their own daughters, came home in tears due to bullying because they admitted to liking Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.

The tweet quickly became popular. On the same day, the official TeleMaga account (published by Kodansha) posted a rebuttal stating that: A hero is for everyone, as they fight to protect and save everyone. There is no qualification to support them. The tweet quickly gained over 30,000 likes with over 18,000 replies.

Other respondents included Ninja Sentai Kakuranger’s Satomi Hirose (広瀬仁美) who played Tsuruhime/NinjaWhite, the first female Super Sentai leader. She commented that a hero is for everyone and reminded users that she was the first female leader in Super Sentai. She wanted to post encouraging messages for female fans, especially mothers supporting them. She went on to comment that her daughters are also fans of Kamen Rider, and the actress also wears t-shirts of Riders.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger’s Asami Kai, who played Urara Ozu/MagiBlue, also commented that growing up, she watched Super Sentai instead of anime targeted towards girls. She wants to join forces, no matter if the hero is male or female, to protect and encourage others. She felt sad that the original poster didn’t understand this.

The female heroes in Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are only increasing. Even female Sentai heroes wearing “red” has also appeared more in recent years. PreCure, which airs after Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, also recently introduced male heroes into their show. After years of only having female Pretty Cure members, in 2018 Hutto Pretty Cure introduced the first male Pretty Cure: Cure Infini.

Article Sources: NicoNico, Yahoo! Japan

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