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Ishinomaki’s Manga Road Adds AR Technology for Tourists


Ishinomaki is a city within Miyagi Prefecture. It is not only a large port city, but the hometown of mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of many loved tokusatsu series. To commemorate his work is also the Ishinomori Mangattan Museum.

For tourists visiting the city, AR content is now linked. Visitors can tour the Manga Road, which is located between JR Ishinomaki Station to the Ishinomaki City Ishino., and scan a code to learn more about the status of various characters. There are currently 18 statues, with three being temporarily moved due to construction.

The AR feature was first introduced in March but didn’t feature as many attractions. Since being added, there are more than 80 locations visitors can scan.

The city installed a Kamen Rider Black statue in October 2018 but has plans to install two more monuments this year: Hakaider, a villain from the Kikaider series, and Kamen Rider 1 on his Cyclone motorcycle in the middle of the city.

The city hopes to add AR to more attractions within the city and have plans for three more bronze statues. The manager of the City Commerce and Industry Division hopes to turn the entire city into a “manga museum.”

Article Sources Ishinomaki Hibi Shinbun

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