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Kamen Rider

Man Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing Kamen Rider Toys in Suzuka


Kamen Rider toys have continued to be the target for shoplifters. In Sendai, five locations have seen almost 1 million yen in stolen goods. The items are often resold at a higher price.

In Mie Prefecture, a 28-year-old unemployed man was caught shoplifting Super Sentai and Kamen Rider goods.

According to the police, around 7:45PM on May 18, four Super Sentai and Kamen Rider toys were stolen in Suzuka city. The toys all had advanced functions, such as a remote control motorcycle The damages were around 15,000円.

The man admitted that “I like Sentai, but I didn’t have much money to spend.”

The guard escorted him out of the store while hiding the products allegedly stolen.

Article Sources Nagoya TV
Image Sources Real Estate Japan

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