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Takeru Satoh 30th Birthday Event Held in Saitama


Takeru Satoh (佐藤健) turned 30 years old on March 21. On the 20th, he held a special “30th Anniversary Event” in Saitama, where he was born.

During the event, he was asked about how he felt on the last day of his twenties. He commented that during his twenties, if he was unsure of his abilities to do something, he did it anyway. As he enters his thirties, he has new goals of doing different films. But, he also argued that he though he was happy, he would probably try to hide how old he was. As an actor, a person’s age can be a bothersome.

During the event, he blew out a candle on a birthday cake. He also wore a birthday-cake themed hat and relaxed in casual attire. Along with fans, he spoke about his first photo books, including photos taken during his Kamen Rider Den-O era. Fans were also treated to a quiz.

Satoh previously portrayed Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O.

Article Sources Yahoo! Japan

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