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Masaki Suda and Nana Komatsu Announced as Brand Ambassadors of “niko and…”


Masaki Suda (菅田将暉) and Nana Komatsu have once again been announced as the Brand Ambassadors of niko and… for 2019. Both were previously Brand Ambassadors 2018 campaign, where they participated in a short web movie and later modeled products for the brand.

niko and… is a lifestyle store aimed for adults aged 25-35. They have 132 stores in Japan, with 17 stores overseas.

An illustration have been teased before the full campaign is released on March 8, 2019. A short web movie entitled Aa, Haru (or Oh, Spring) staring Suda and Komatsu will also be released on the same day.

The art was created by Chie Morimoto (森本千絵), who also directed the short film. UKASUKA-G will be in charge of the music.

Masaki Suda previously portrayed Philip in Kamen Rider W.

Article Sources: PR Times, niko and…

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