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CSM Kamen Rider Blade Blaybuckle Belt Details Released


Premium Bandai has formally announced the details of the next CSM addition: Kamen Rider Blade Blaybuckle and Rouse Absorber and Blayrouzer. 36 cards will also be included.

The belt is being released as part of Kamen Rider Blade’s 15th anniversary.

The belt contains a variety of sounds, including the “Awakening” and “take it a try” songs. The sound effects include the belt activation sund, stand-by sound, and transformation sound. The main lead, Kazuma Kenzaki (played by Takayuki Tsubaki) also has voice lines in the belt.

The Rouse Absorber was rebuilt with a brand new mold. By replacing the plate, the Rouse Absorber will display Jack and King Forms. The Blayrouzer is ~71.5cm legnth (or 28.1″ in) and has sounds such as throwing cards and undead sealing cards.

The Kamen Rider Blade Blaybuckle and Rouse Absorber and Blayrouzer set will cost 49,140円 (approximately 447.96 USD). Reservations begin at 11AM on January 25, 2019 through March 11, 2019 at 23:00 on the Premium Bandai website. The CSM set is scheduled to ship in July 2019.

A special video starring Tsubaki using the belt is available here:

Official Website: Premium Bandai

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