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GQ Japan Includes Mahiro Takasugi in “Heroes of Our Generation”


Mahiro Takasugi (高杉真宙) portrayed Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen in Kamen Rider Gaim. He was recently featured in GQ Japan’s “Heroes of Our Generation.”

In 2018, Takasugi starred in three films. In each film, Takasugi tackled violent themes and the world of shojo manga.


Q: How to you plan your roles?
Takasugi: I read the script. It’s important to finding the “goal” of how to perform the character, and to understand each of their lines. If there’s an original version, there might be more hints there, but all of the information should be in the script. I can concentrate into the late night on the script.

Q: What do you keep in mind when portraying a character?
Takasugi: I think it’s important to exist like it is in the work, so I want to be as familiar with it as possible. It’s important to connect the character in the set and location. I arrive early on set, so I take a walk around the location before shooting.

Q: Gangoose debuted in November, where you had a very dense co-star.
Takasugi: Each actor played an intense character, so I knew I’d be buried if I didn’t play my part. I always try my best, but I wanted to find a character I wanted to play, a good or bad child. I wanted to use that as a strong character.

Q: Starring with Ryo Kato (加藤諒) and Daichi Watanabe (渡辺大知) was perfect.
Takasugi: I worried about the age difference, but I didn’t use honorifics for a person who was one year older. We were all playing three characters around the same age. They were six years older than me, but we were able to get along without feeling the age difference.

Q: Do you spend time with other actors around the same age?
Takasugi: I get a lot of invites, but I like to stay indoors, I seem like a bit of a loner (laughs). There is a feeling that I want to be lively with others of the same generation, and it’s encouraging that “everyone is doing their best.”

Q: What do you do at home?
Takasugi: Recently I’m addicted to the online game Fortnite. Because the purpose of the game is to defeat other plays, it’s ok to play without chatting or communicationg (laughs). Because it’s an interpersonal fight, you’re not communicating with humans other than NPCs, but you’re still interacting with others in the game.

Q: What did you think about your first anime voice acting performance in I Want to Eat Your Pancreas?
Takasugi: I was excited because I like anime! On the other hand, it was difficult having a hobby in my work. In my case, I seperate work and hobbies in my mind. So if I’m reading a manga, I don’t think “I want to perform this role!” But when I actually tried to do voice acting, I like anime so much that the “I want to do this!” feeling became even stronger than usual. The difference betweeen live-action and voice acting are completely different, so I struggled, but I want to challenge myself by taking on the experience again someday.



Article Sources: GQ Japan


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