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Kamen Rider

Internet Buzzword 2018 Ranking Includes Kamen Rider Build and ZI-O


The Top 100 Internet Buzzword ranking for 2018 was released on December 14, 2018. The top words and phrases included popular tv shows and other unique terms.

The terms were calculated from January 1 to November 15th. The ranking included calculating which terms were accessed the most online.

Kamen Rider Build ranked 8th place in the list. Kiryu Sento, the main character of Kamen Rider Build, ranked in 35th place behind Goblin Slayer.

Kamen Rider ZI-O also made the tankins in 53th place.

Other top winners included Persona 5 in 10th place, SSSS. Gridman in 20th place, and Huggto! Pretty Cure in 24th place.

The first prize went to Pop Team Epic.



Official Website: Asahi


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