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DoCoMo Star Pro x Heisei Kamen Rider Look Back at Series


DoCoMo has recently released their “Star Pro” series in September 2018. They have announced a collaboration with the Heisei Kamen Rider. A special website celebrating the collaboration opened on Monday, December 10.

The website goes through the Heisei era, showing all twenty Riders on magazine-style graphics. Visuals from each Kamen Rider show from the Heisei period are shown on the cover. Though they aren’t full magazines, the mascots give short opinions on each Rider series.

The collaboration will be further shown from December 10-16th at the Shibuya Station with large wall posters.

Three characters, Donima, Cosmof, and Monjuro, along with Star P (the only human) will appear in the Star Pro series that discuss each work. The “Heisei Talk” is filled with discussion and even trivia.

For example, one of the trivia questions is “Who was the first female Kamen Rider?” The answer given is Kamen Rider Femme, who made her debut in the Kamen Rider Ryuki film.



Official Website: Docomo
Article Sources: LiveDoor, Dengeki


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