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Shouma Kai Celebrates 21st Birthday With Fans


Shouma Kai (甲斐翔真) made his television debut as Parado/Kamen Rider Para-DX in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. He recently held an event in Tokyo to celebrate his 21st birthday.

During the event, he mentioned the Kamen Rider series. He stated that he hopes the upcoming film Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever, to be releasd on December 22, is a success. He stated that he’ll use his own funds to pay for a ticket to see the latest work. He also mentioned that he thinks it’s cool that there are so many Kamen Riders. When he was participating in Ex-Aid, he watched the show. As he watched, his childhood feelings of excitement returned.

Kai also met with one of his first fans and thanks everyone for their support. At the event, Kai performed an original song “You and My Song” (Kimi to Boku no Uta) for the first time. Kai composed the song and wrote the lyrics.

During the question portion of the event, fans could ask the actor anything. Many of the fans were from his appearance on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. During one question, a seven-year-old boy nervously asked “Do you like Kamen Rider?”



Article Sources: MyNavi


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