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Masaki Suda Stars in Upcoming Drama “3rd Grade A Class: Now, You Are Hostages”


Masaki Suda (菅田将暉) formerly portrayed Philip in Kamen Rider W. It was recently announced he will be taking on his first role as a teacher in the NTV drama 3rd Grade A Class: Now, You Are Hostages. Suda will star in the drama with Mei Nagano (永野芽郁), who he previously appeared with in the film Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High.

In the drama, Suda is a high school teacher who takes his 29 students, including Nagano, hostage. They were scheduled to graduate in ten days. They have to finish one last lesson about a student who died a few months prior with no explanation. Suda wants to discover the truth in six days, before anyone can graduate.

Producer Yuta Fukui (福井雄太) stated that he met Suda six years ago and promised to create something together. It is his first time wirking with Nagano.

3rd Grade A Class: Now, You Are Hostages will debut in January 2019 on NTV.



Article Sources: NicoNico


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