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Kamen Rider

Hiroaki Murakami Discusses Role as Kamen Rider Skyrider


Hiroaki Murakami (村上弘明) portrayed Hiroshi Tsukuba/Kamen Rider Skyrider, the sixth installment of the series. He recently appeared on a TBS radio program on October 23rd, where he discussed his first work.

Kamen Rider Skyrider was Murakami’s debut work. At the time he was enrolled in university and withdrew after accepting the role.

Murakami stating that he didn’t want to do it at first. He originally declined the part at his office before the audition. His manager refused to let him quit and urged him to continue until the end.” Murakami agreed and continued the audition process.



As the auditions progressed, he felt more determined as he learned more about the series. He felt that the story was different from what he previously knew about Kamen Rider. At first, he felt disappointed in his acting, that he seemed too much like a “rookie.” But the atmosphere changed when he received rave reviews from the TV station officials who reviewed the pilot episode.

After that, Murakami began to felt better and after one year, he learned a lot. “It was like an actor’s school.” He said. Twenty years later, Murakami recalled receiving fan letters, especially that there were more letters from women than children.



Article Sources: Sponichi


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