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Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider OOO Stars Return for Kamen Rider ZI-O


Shu Watanabe (渡部秀), who portrayed Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, and Riko Takada (高田里穂), who played Hina Izumi, will return to the Kamen Rider series in the currently airing show Kamen Rider ZI-O. They are making an appearance in Episode 9, broadcast on October 28, and Episode 10, aired on November 11.

In 2018, Kuroto Dan is now in charge of his own land. He has crowned himself as “King,” and has declared independence from Japan. He managed this by using the power of Another OOO’s power, which he obtained from Time Jacker. Kuroto has declared that none of Japan’s laws are valid in his company.

To take back the power, the protagonists of ZI-O infiltrate his country. Hina is now a fashion designer, while Eiji works for the Diet. While they both had unique clothing styles in the original OOO series, they now both wear suits. Though their clothing has changed, they retain their old ways of thinking.



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