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Kamen Rider Build Final Stage and Cast Show Event Held


The Kamen Rider Build Final Stage and Cast Talk Show was held in Tokyo on October 14, 2018. The cast was on stage during the event to share their memories and held a stage show.

The first part of the stage show featured all of the Kamen Riders in a battle. There was also a final battle featuring Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Cross-Z fighting together for one last time.

The cast talk was highlighted in the second part of the show. All of the cast members said their catch phrases on set, including Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈), who plays the protagonist Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build, stating “Now, let’s start the final experiment.”

The cast shared memories of their time on set, including how Kohei Takeda (武田航平), who portrayed Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease, often ad-libbed and went off-script. Other cast members had to catch up. Kaho Takada (高田夏帆), who played Misora Isurugi, revealed that “this work made me an actress.”

At the end of the event, the cast members performed their transformation poses, along with their ending quotes. Inukai quoted his transformation statement from the 47th episode.

During the final moments, the cast were in tears as they thanked the audience and fans for their support over the past year. Inukai asked fans to support So Okuno(奥野壮), who plays the current protagonist Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider ZI-O.

Inukai gave one last shout to everyone “The law of victory was decided!” The cast waved their hands and blew kisses to the crowd as the curtains closed.

A DVD of the event will be released on February 6, 2019. It is available for a limited time until November 14, 2018.



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