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Tsuburaya Productions Announces the Ultraman Archives Project


Tsuburaya Productions has announced a new project “Ultraman Archives” to commemorate the past 50 years of the Ultraman series. The project will include commentary, documentaries, and more.

Products include the Ultraman Archives Blu-ray and DVD, to be released in February 2019 for 4,800円 and visual book on November 17, 2018 for 1,019円.

They have released a press announcement on their official Facebook page (in English):

“The “ULTRAMAN SERIES” has been conveying it’s never-changing theme, deep stories, humor, and tokusatsu skills for over 50 years.

Tsuburaya Productions has announced this “ULTRAMAN ARCHIVES” project in the objective to pass on this 50 years heritage of the “ULTRAMAN SERIES” down to the next generation.

The project will cover diligently selected masterpieces introducing commentaries from the original creators and various intellectuals, discussing in depth on the virtue of the masterpieces and will be getting under way with events, videograms, and limited-edition products.

The first ULTRAMAN ARCHIVES will commence with the 4 titles from “ULTRA Q” (1966), the series which became the origin of the ULTRAMAN Series.

“Challenge from the Year 2020”, “Garamon Strikes Back”, “Cocoon of Kanegon”, and “Tokyo Ice Age” are the 4 titles selected.

Next in line we have “ULTRAMAN”, “ULTRASEVEN”, and “RETURN OF ULTRAMAN” in development, please do not miss out on the future projects.”

Check out the trailer here:



Official Website: Ultraman Archives
Article Sources: Tsuburaya Productions Facebook


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