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First Kamen Rider Climax Scramble ZI-O PV Released


Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the first PV detailing the first Kamen Rider game on the Nintendo Switch, Kamen Rider Climax Scramble ZI-O. The upcoming game features an original story starring ZI-O and Kamen Rider Geiz.

The first PV was released on September 26, 2018, which outlines each character that will appear. The PV begins with Kuuga and the latest Rider, ZI-O. The PV also outlines the variety of play styles that are unique to the Switch due to the Joy-Cons. The game can be played solo or with up to three other players.

Kamen Rider Climax Scramble ZI-O will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 29, 2018.

Check out the PV below:



Official Website: Kamen Rider Climax Scramble ZI-O
Article Sources: 4Gamer


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