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Kamen Rider

Japanese Politician’s Twitter Statements Cause Anger Among Adult Kamen Rider Fans


Katsuko Inumaru (犬丸勝子) is a politician who is affiliated with Japan’s Republican Party. In 2014, she ran in the “Others” party to represent the Tokyo 2nd district but was defeated.

On September 23, she was responding to tweets from followers regarding the popular tokusatsu show, Kamen Rider. Inumaru stated she watched it on tv as a child. The discussion became heated as she said that surely those who watched it as a child are not still watching it as adults.

After reciving replies that many adults are still watching Kamen Rider, she made a comment that “Adults are still watching? I can’t believe it. They must be eternally children.” This sent a wave of anger her way, as many believed she was slandering older fans. In her defense, she stated that “Shouldn’t I be surprised that an adult over 40, 50, or 60 years old is stil watching Kamen Rider? Busy adults don’t have time to watch tv, let alone watch Kamen Rider.”

What makes this situation so absurd is that Inumaru passed away in 2017. Her Twitter is account is still being used by Inumaru’s younger sister, who is also a hopeful politician. She stated she was using Katsuko’s account because her own Twitter was suspended, and she still wanted to provide information to her followers.

The conversation then turned to the morality of using the Twitter account of someone who has passed away, especially when using the deceased’s voice to communicate. Since this Twitter account has a verified badge, Twitter users have expressed their doubts on why the social media site is allowing this to continue.

The tweets regarding Kamen Rider have now been deleted from Katsuko Inumaru’s official Twitter account.



Article Sources: NicoNico


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