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Masaki Suda: From Model to Award Winning Actor


“Now, count your sins!”

Kamen Rider W aired in 2009 widely popular amount fans. There are other actors who have made their debut with the series. Many of them have been steadily increasing their popularity over the years, including Masaki Suda (菅田将暉) who portrayed one of the heroes, Phillip.

Suda has appeared in several films and won numerous awards, including the 41st Japan Academy Award for Best Actor. He’s appeared in NHK’s Taiga Drama. Most recently, he has debuted as a solo singer. Suga has been increasing his popularily in a variety of formats over the past years.

Suda was born in Osaka Prefecture in February 1993. He became a finalist in the 2008 Junon Super Boy Contest. This contest helped him become signed with an entertainment office.

In 2009, Suda began his acting debut in Kamen Rider W. It was his first time acting, but he states he worked hard.

After the show ended, he didn’t stop there. In 2010, he appeared in Hammer Session! and Veterinarian Dolittle. He has appeared in at least one tv drama since his debut. Suda’s skills quickly gained attention, as he won the 37th Japan Academy Prize’s Newcomer of the Year award in 2014.



Suda has excelled because he can adapt to any role. He’s called a “chamelion actor” which is a compliment to his competency as an actor. He takes his acting jobs very seriously, and is willing to make an effort to appear authentic, going so far as to doing extreme weight loss for a role.

In the live-action adaptation of the autobiography Chanpon Tabetaka on NHK in 2015, he played the lead role as Masashi Sano. There was a scene where musical instruments were played, and it was here he improved on playing violin and guitar. He has not been opposed to even shaving his head for one drama, while acting as a man obsessed with love in the next.

Suga began his acting career with Kamen Rider W, but he has quickly moved to the front lines. Fans look forward to seeing his growth as an actor in the future.



Article Sources: Hominis Media


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