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Premium Bandai Releases Further Information on CSM Kuuga Henshin Belt


Premium Bandai has released further information regarding the Complete Selection Modification Kamen Rider Kuuga Henshin Belt Arcle. The belt shape was based on the 2007 CSM design.


The accessories include a cell phone with the voice of Kaoru Ichijo, portrayed by Shingo Katsurayama (葛山信吾), the police detective who assisted Yuusuke Godai on several missions. The phone is a slight replica of the model used in the show, and is not an exact duplicate. It is also not a working cell phone.

Ichijo’s recorded lines include:

  • Beep – Unidentidied life forms have emerged. Head to the scene imediately.
  • Too late, Godai!
  • Godai Yuusuke, you did well. The sunset is beautiful.


Wearers can choose a form by pressing the 4 colored buttons. The belt comes with a sensor that will play a transformation sound when your hand is held over the belt. Pushing the button on the side of the belt will activate the transformation sounds while the center of the belt glows. The internal mechanism of the belt will glow and rotate.

The belt also comes with additional parts so that wearers can transform into any of Kuuga’s 11 forms. The belt also comes with the transformation sounds that appeared in Kamen Rider Decade. A variety of background music from the series is included within the belt.

The belt is made for waistlines sized 830mm – 930mm. Four AAA batteries are required to use the device and are not included. Three LR44 batteries are included for Ichijo’s mobile phone.

Reservations for the Kuuga Henshin Belt Arcle are now available until November 18. The item costs 27,000円 (tax included). The product is scheduled to be released in March 2019.

Check out the tutorial video:



Article Sources: Premium Bandai


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