Kamen Rider Wizard’s Tasuku Nagase Announces Marriage to Lyla Iwamoto

Tasuku Nagase (永瀬匡), who portrayed Kousuke Nitoh/Kamen Rider Beast in Kamen Rider Wizard, recently announced his marriage to model Lyla Iwamoto on June 13, 2018.


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In the Instagram caption, Nagase states: “Thank you for your enouragement, always. This time, I am with model Lyla Iwamoto. She is a person who has treated my family and friends equally with love, and I strongly wanted to share my life with her. Even though I’m young, I will build a warm family after watching my parents, who have respected each other. We will devote our energies to pursuing our work, and we would be happy if you watched over us.”

Nagase is well-known for his role in Kamen Rider Wizard. Many fans commented with references to his role as a mayonnaise-loving fighter on the Instagram post with statements like “Congratulations, even if you didn’t tell everyone!” “Kamen Rider Beast Jr. will be born…” “Now that you’re married, you can’t overload on mayonnaise anymore.”



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