Five Kamen Rider and Ultraman Actors Hold Special Gathering

Takayuki Tsubaki (椿隆之), who played Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade recently posted a photo on his blog on June 8, 2018. The photo shows a rare shot of Kamen Rider and Ultraman actors gathered together.



The gathering included:
Hassei Takano (高野八誠) of Ultraman and Kamen Rider Ryuki
Takamasa Suga (須賀貴匡) of Kamen Rider Ryuki
Takeshi Yoshioka (吉岡毅志) of Ultraman
Takao Sugiura (杉浦タカオ) of Kamen Rider Blade

Yoshioka joked that he felt left out because he was the only one who had not performed in the Kamen Rider series.



Sugira also posted a photo with a different angle of the gathering. According to his Ameba blog, the men discussed their recent news and had words of guidance for each other. He was happy to be with his seniors and sharing a drink.

Fans left positive comments with statements such as “Great!” “All-star cast!”



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